Surprised? – I guess most of you reading this will be. Yes, there are vaccines for cancer. Read on…

Vaccinations or vaccines, as you are aware are administered to train the immune system to fight certain harmful substances and diseases. Similarly, cancer vaccinesare preventive measures given to healthy individuals to avoid the development of certain types of cancers. They stimulate the production of antibodies and eliminate the ability of the specific microbes to cause infection.

Preventive: these vaccines when administered to healthy individuals are prophylactic or preventive in nature – the intention is to avert the development of cancer

Therapeutic or treatment vaccines: they are given to treat an existing cancer condition to strengthen the immune system response to fight cancer diagnosed and present in the body

Currently, there are three types of preventive cancer vaccines available:

Gardasil: The Gardasil vaccine prevents genital warts in men, anal cancer in both men and women, cervical cancer, vaginal and vulvar cancers in women.

Cervarix: This provides protection against HPV infection and is an effective vaccine for the prevention of cervical cancer in women between the ages of 10 years to 25 years.

Hepatitis B: The HBV or hepatitis B virus vaccine is given to prevent prolonged HBV infections that can result in liver cancer.

Cancer treatment vaccines are therapeutic and enhance the body’s natural defenses to fight cancer. These vaccines are meant for individuals already diagnosed with cancer. Cancer treatment vaccines can also be safely combined with other cancer therapies such as chemotherapy, surgery, radiation therapy etc.

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