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Stomach cancer also known as gastric cancer originates in the stomach. Abnormal pre-cancerous cells are lodged in the lining or mucosa of the stomach giving rise to the disease. Stomach cancers are known to develop over several years. At early stages, stomach cancer

seldom causes any symptoms. Cancers developing in different areas of the stomach may reveal different symptoms. Stomach cancer has the ability to grow through the wall of the stomach to invade other organs nearby. The lymph nodes may also be affected and as cancer advances, it invades the bloodstream. Stomach cancer can also spread to the liver, bones and lungs.

Guru Hospitals is one of the biggest multi-speciality cancer care hospitals in the country dedicated to the cause of cancer treatment. Dr. S.G. Balamurugan is a leading surgical oncologist with several innovations

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patented to him. To his credit, he has performed the highest number of laparoscopic radical hysterectomies in the state, a record which is yet to be broken. Besides, he has hosted several camps and workshops to raise cancer awareness. The Government of Tamil Nadu has accredited Guru Hospitals as one of the best hospitals in the state.

With several credible achievements cancer treatments at the hospital are carried out in three ways surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Surgery for stomach cancer includes endoscopic resection, a partial gastrectomy and a total gastrectomy. Another treatment methodology is chemotherapy where anti-cancer drugs are injected directly into the vein to enter the bloodstream and travel to all areas of the body. Radiation therapy requires the usage of high-energy particles to eliminate cancer cells in a specific part of the body. It may be used along with surgery or chemotherapy.

At Guru Hospitals, the cancer is first diagnosed with an upper endoscopy and endoscopic ultrasound before staging the disease. To experience some of the best treatment modalities for stomach cancer visit Guru Hospitals today.

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