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IMRT stands for Intense Modulated Radiation Therapy that uses linear accelerators to deliver

regulated amounts of radiation to the tumour cells. IMRT is a conformal therapy engineered to radiate beams to fit into the area of the cancer.

The equipment

LINAC or linear accelerator is a standard radiotherapy machine used for the purpose. The equipment is inbuilt with a multileaf collimator containing thin

Radiotherapy Treatment in Madurai
strips or leaves of lead that can move independently to form customized shapes that surround and radiate the treatment area with precision. As the machine moves around the patient, the lead leaves modulate themselves to create beams of radiation during the machine’s rotation. With this, the actual tumour receives a very high dosage of radiation while the normal healthy cells receive lower dosages. Small beamlets of light are created with varying intensity allowing constrained and different portions of radiation to be sent across to the tumour. A concave area (U-shaped) can also be created around the edge of the radiotherapy field. This way damage to adjacent structures is avoided due to unprecedented high dosages of radiation. Patient experiences decreased side-effects of IMRT and the treatment works effectively on the areas of the head and neck by carefully evading the salivary glands and spinal cord.

Planning the Treatment at Guru Hospitals

There are several steps to the IMRT treatment :

For the areas to be treated - a 360 deg. photo is taken with a CT scanner along with PET and MRI scans; dosage calculations are done along with a computer; the pattern of dissipation and strength of the dosage that synchronizes with the tumour shape is also assessed

Skin markings are made on the skin to clearly mark the areas of treatment.

For radiotherapy of the head and neck a plastic mould called a shell mask may be used to keep the treatment area still for greater accuracy of the treatment..

VMAT or volumetric modulated arc radiotherapy is one of the latest IMRT techniques. During treatment, the device rotates around the patient and simultaneously changes the intensity of the beams as it moves around.

IMRT can successfully treat breast cancer, cancers of the head and the neck.

IMRT is a precise, safe and painless treatment modality that can administer precise quantities of radiation to specific areas within the tumour or on the tumour itself. Consultants at Guru Hospitals will offer a comprehensive treatment plan and awareness about IMRT before administration of the treatment. Specific instructions are given to the patient undergoing IMRT.


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