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Cancer: How far is cure?

Date :20/05/18

Cancer was a name given for non-ulcer forming and ulcer forming tumors. What does cancer do exactly? Cancer is a disease caused by the abnormal growth of cells which invade and spread to other cells in the body. This is in contrast to tumors that do not spread.

Symptoms showing cancer:

Cancer could affect any part of the body and the type of cancer vary in hundred’s. The symptoms showing cancer could be visible as in a lump or it could be more subtle signs; fever, persistent cough, weight loss, unusual bowel and bladder functions, fever etc.

Diagnosis of cancer

Cancer could be diagnosed using biopsy. This involves removing a tiny piece of the affected body part for lab test. A tiny section of a tissue skin, lump, tumor or an organ would be surgically removed for biopsy. There are many different types of biopsies conducted depending which part of the body or organ is suspected to be affected by cancer. Biopsy is the only clear-cut way to reveal the presence of cancer in the body.

Treatment of cancer

There are many ways to treat cancer; Surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, targeted therapy, hormone therapy, stem cell transplant and precision medicine.


How Radiation Therapy works?

High energy charged particles such as x-rays or gamma rays are targeted to the cancerous part of the body thus killing cancer cells and shrinking tumor size. Radiation therapy is broadly classified into two types; External beam radiation therapy and internal radiation therapy.

When treated with high doses of radiation they kill or damage the cancer tissue and stop the cancer cell from dividing and spreading to other parts. The damaged DNA dies in time and they are removed from the body. It will take weeks and months for the cancer cells to die.

In external radiation therapy, the specific area or body part is targeted, thus localizing the area of treatment.

Internal radiation therapy requires the source of radiation to be placed inside the body targeting the affected organs. This could be in the form of solid or liquid.

Systemic therapy is a form of radiation therapy using a liquid source. The liquid is swallowed or injected into the vein using an IV line. This liquid source flows throughout the body in pursuit of the cancer cells and kills it.

Radiation therapy using a solid substance is called Brachytherapy and it is a localized form of treatment like external beam radiation therapy. A catheter or an applicator with the shape of a tube is used to place dosage of therapy in the targeted location. These implants which contain radiation to kill cancer cells would differ depending on the stage of cancer. They are broadly classified into low dose, high dose and permanent implants depending on the stage of cancer.

There are three types of brachytherapy depending on the techniques used for placing this solid source of radiation in the body. They are broadly classified into;

* Interstital brachytherapy

* Intracavity brachytherpy

* Episcleral brachytherapy

Treatment combining both radiation therapy and surgery is followed oftentimes. The surgery may be done before or after the therapy.

Guru Multispecialty Hospital: center for cancer treatment

Guru Multispecialty Hospital in Madurai is a one stop hospital for the treatment of cancer. Under the expert leadership of Dr.S.G.Balamurugan, Best Radiation Oncologist in Madurai, and a determined team of specialists in other areas of healthcare including staff are the people whom the patients seeking cure from cancer look up to for support and assurance. The Multispecialty hospital is equipped with futuristic technology and the infrastructure that is contemporary with an insistence on hygiene welcomes forth the patients. They provide the best radiation therapy for cancer in India. The hospital has taken care to make the treatment affordable to all thus setting an example for inclusion of the society as a stakeholder.

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