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Dr S G Balamurugan receives the prestigious FRCS

Date :26/12/19

“I want to become a doctor – the boy said grinning at his shining shoes”

My little bear feet were longing to wear that big shining shoes of the doctor who had come to my house to check my ailing grand mother.  I walked behind him placing my feet carefully in the footsteps he made in our dusty street.

I said to my self.  I want to become a doctor.  I remember the days when I was a kid running around in shorts in my native village. Those days in those parts a doctor was next to God. When one visited our village complete with a white coat and a stethoscope, he filled my young mind with awe. He was respected by everyone and he was warmly wished by all. I used to run up and walk a few paces behind him, placing my feet carefully in the footsteps. Even I used to be amused by my small bare feet trying to fill the marks left by his big shoe clad feet, but one day I wanted to.

That was my first inspiration. It wanted to become a doctor. My hard work paid off and I entered medical college. During student days at the college, I had my second inspiration; the golden letters on my HOD’s door that read FRCS. My interest was piqued.

The hard road.
I learnt that it is a qualification that allows surgeons to practice in the UK and Ireland. It may not be a childhood dream for many, but for the truly accomplished it remains a peak to be scaled.

This interest in FRCS followed me through my years in college and later through my internship and career as a surgeon. Through hard work I earned the trust of my patients and achieved the position that I am in today, but it was not enough. I wanted to get the FRCS certification.

There are many experts in the field who have tried to pass the exam, but have failed.  This was at the back of my mind when I decided to go for the exam.

A new peak to be scaled - FRCS 
Anyone aspiring to gain an FRCS certification has to pass two levels of examinations. After completing the undergraduate course and internship, he/ she will have to apply for MRCS (Membership of the Royal College of Surgeons). This involves a test on basic sciences and the fundamentals of surgery. After clearing MRCS, FRCS (Fellowship of the Royal Colleges of Surgeons) examination can be taken.

FRCS is obtained only after tough oral and written examinations which simulate real-life situations complete with inconsistent data and with patients presenting signs and symptoms that are not classical examples. The examination tests not just the expertise of the candidate, but also the mental fitness and the ability to handle highly stressful situations.

My road was not easy
There were only a few surgeons who had received FRCS certification in Madurai and I wanted to be the next. With Dr. Sivathavamani as my guiding light, I focused on my goal and shut out all doubts. I was able to channel that determination that made a respected surgeon into my new cause.

Now an FRCS in Madurai
My efforts paid off and I have been successful. I have received the prestigious certification FRCS Glasgow, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow, UK. This has been a dream come true. Looking back, I realize that hard work and positive thinking have been instrumental in my success.

No goal is too high.
No matter where we are, if our goal is clear and our efforts are sure, no target is out of reach. An FRCS is an appreciation of our expertise; it is recognition of our mastery over our skills. It is a certification that adds immense credibility to our reputation. Earning an FRCS certification is an achievement worth the effort.

If you have a similar dream you can realize it too through dedication and hard work. Just as I did mine.

Reviewed By : Dr S G Balamurugan
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