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What Happens If Bladder Cancer Is Left Untreated?

Date :07/09/19

Bladder cancer usually starts in the cells that line the bladder. Most of the cases are diagnosed at an early stage when the cancer is highly treatable. However, without treatment, it can be life-threatening.

Most patients with bladder cancer will have significant morbidity if they leave it untreated. And within two years of diagnosis, they will die from the disease.

The good news is several bladder cancer cure treatment options are available in India for people suffering from bladder cancer. The doctors at Guru Hospital, one of the leading bladder cancer treatment centers in Madurai, will help you decide which treatment is best for you depending on a number of things. These include how much cancer has spread, your age, and any other health conditions you have.

bladder cancer treatment in madurai


The most common surgery for bladder cancer detected in the early stages is Transurethral Resection of Bladder Tumor (TURBT). This procedure can be done at Guru Hospital, and you can go home in one or two days.

Your doctor will remove abnormal tumors or tissues by inserting an instrument called a resectoscope into your bladder through your urethra. If you still have cancer after removing the tumor, your doctor can destroy it using a laser and another tool called a cystoscope.


Your doctor removes part of your bladder (a partial cystectomy) or all of it (a radical cystectomy) in this type of surgery.

A partial cystectomy is performed if cancer has spread to the muscle layer of your bladder but is still small. But most people will need more extensive surgery if cancer has grown into the muscle of the bladder.

Your doctor will perform a radical cystectomy (remove the entire organ and the nearby lymph nodes) if the cancer is large or has spread to more than one part of your bladder.

These procedures will require you to stay in the hospital for up to a week. Usually, within a few weeks, you will be able to go back to your normal routine.

Intravesical therapy

For early-stage cancers, this treatment is effective. A liquid medication is injected right into your bladder using a catheter. Immunotherapy or chemotherapy is chosen for the treatment.

Immunotherapy. In this method, the cancer cells are attacked by your body’s own immune system.
Intravesical chemotherapy (“chemo”). To kill harmful cells, cancer-fighting medications are injected into the bladder through a catheter.

bladder cancer treatment in madurai

If you’ve been diagnosed with bladder cancer, the team of doctors at Guru Hospital will weigh the benefits of each option and help you learn more about the treatment.

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