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Breast Cancer Surgery LD Flap

Breast cancer has become one of the widespread forms of the dreadful disease. It has become the one of the most invasive form of cancer in women. Breast cancer symptoms include sensation of a lump in the breast, change in the position of nipple etc. With new technologies being invented every day, breast cancer treatment has become more successful and less painful. However, it should be kept in mind that the rate of success achieved depends on the accuracy of breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. The treatment procedure begins with an appropriate treatment method by the breast cancer doctor on the basis of breast cancer stages. Some prominent methods for breast cancer cure include breast cancer surgery, medication, breast cancer radiation etc. The first method involves the physical removal of tumor by an experienced breast cancer surgeon. Radiation therapy for breast cancer is performed after surgery in order to destroy other tumor tissues that had not been taken out. It is a general procedure to perform reconstruction after radiation.

The methods of breast reconstruction can be chosen from a wide variety of procedures. LD Flap surgery is a very popular breast reconstruction surgery and also a reliable breast cancer treatment method. During this breast surgery, the latissimus dorsi flap is taken from the upper back portion, hence the name. Besides LD flap, there are also other sites that can be utilized. It is often combined with tissue implant, which gives an opportunity for the reconstruction surgeon to control the appearance after the breast. The process of reconstruction after radiation is mostly performed because of cosmetic needs. After reconstruction procedure, it is a common to feel sore and tired for some days. A significant difference in breast surgery before and after can be noticed.

Dr.Balmurugan is indeed a doctor of that kind. Being a much sought after oncologist in the city of Madurai, He is also a specialist in breast reconstruction surgery. He has done numerous flap surgeries with a very high amount of precesion.

As result of this, patients that had undergone breast reconstruction recovered very quickly.

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